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Patient Testimonials  Satisfied Customers of Dr. Greg McPherson, DDS

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I had a mid morning appointment. I was to have work done on the upper right half and lower left half of my mouth.

I was given anesthetic in the upper right and lower left. I was later given a second dose in the lower left.

I was extremely numb.

Due to the anesthetic I was expecting to be numb for 5-6 hours, which would affect my speech and ability to eat and drink. I was offered Oraverse to reverse the effects of the anesthetic.

After Dr McPherson finished working on the upper right half of my mouth, I received Oraverse. I had approximately 90% of the feeling in the upper right half of my mouth prior to the completion of the lower left.

I was amazed.

Upon completion of the lower left half of my mouth, the area which I required 2 doses of anesthetic, I was given Oraverse at that injection site.

I left the office with my family and went to eat lunch, they were hungry, as was I. It was lunch time and my stomach was growling. I commented to my wife, that I did not think I would be able to eat due to the numbness.

To my surprise, by the time we entered the restaurant, I already had approximately 75% feeling returned in my lower left, after two doses of anesthetic, and 100% feeling in my upper right.

After eating we left the restaurant. As we entered our vehicle I commented to my wife that I was amazed how fast the feeling was returning to my mouth.

Within an hour or so from the time I left the Dentist, I had all the feeling returned to my mouth.

In the past, I would have not been able to eat or drink anything after leaving the dentist, for the reasons of making a mess or biting the numb area and causing injury. Normally I would have had to take an entire day off of work to have dental work done. Now, I will be able to take only a few hours off.

In the past the prolonged effects of anesthetic would alter the times that I schedule appointments.

Now with the offering of Oraverse, I will have the opportunity to "return to normal" after dentist appointments and go about my day without the lasting effects of anesthetic.

I believe the low cost of the Oraverse is worth every penny.

If I now have the ability to return to work quickly and without lasting effects of anesthetic, Oraverse is saving me money.nbsp;- Cole, St. Louis, MO

Let me begin by saying I am a big wimp about going to the dentist. I found out that I had the beginning stages of periodontal disease. I have come to find out that it is something that more than 75% of people have. I knew something needed to be done; I wanted to keep my teeth, and keep my smile nice and white. My smile is important to me. I scheduled my apt, and was amazed at how quickly I was able to get into the office.

I went in for the first procedure, and I must be honest, I was so nervous - Dr. McPherson was great about getting the gas hooked up to relax me and Kristi was great at putting me at ease. She had me laughing soon after I first arrived. I felt at home in the dentist office. This has never happened to me before. After being numbed, I underwent the root scaling and planing procedure, and even had some old fillings filled. I survived it - both times. They did it in 2 appointments one half of the mouth done at time. I was a little sore, but I am so grateful I have found such a great dentist, and I can take care of my teeth. The best part is that the office is less than five minutes from my house.

I have another appointment coming up, I've been doing my part at home and I am looking forward to seeing the Doctor and great staff at McPherson's practice. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. My mom says she is jealous I now have such a great dentist, and wishes she lived nearby to go to McPherson too. They really take good care of you! 

~Kendra, St. Charles, MO

This is the best dental experience I have ever had. Your office is amazing and comfortable, NOT sterile like a medical facility. The girls had no problems going to the dentist either. My oldest especially likes the new office, she HATED our last dentist. I could see the difference in calmness for them. I like the in office HGTV too :)! - Emily, St. Charles, MO


I came to Dr. McPherson knowing that I had a lot of problems with my teeth and I was quite nervous. What a relief it was to have all of the staff kind and sensitive to my needs! As it turns out, I needed to have a specialist and Dr. Amorin has done a great job of taking care of a very challenging case. Dr. McPherson and Dr. Amorin have both been very good about follow up and answering any questions and listening to me about my concerns post-operation.

I recommend them highly because I have not found a dentist group that cares so genuinely as well as being highly skilled at what they do.

~Adelina, St. Charles, MO



Dr. McPherson saved my life- truly!  I was suffering from migraines and after one that lasted 10 days, I was truly at my wits end.  After googling "migraines and TMJ", I found Dr. McPherson's office.  At that point, I was beyond ready to try anything.  Dr. McPherson explained neuromuscular dentistry to my husband and I-- he was so patient, especially when I had to excuse myself at least three times due to the nausea from my migraine.  Almost two years later, after being treated for a couple months, I no longer suffer from migraines.  I cannot begin to find the words to truly thank him for saving me from severe, chronic pain!

~Diane S, St. Charles, MO




I had such a great experience with my root canal.  I know this is a procedure that generally strikes terror in the hearts of most people.  Have to admit, I was not exactly jumping with joy when Doc said I had to have one.  However, I experienced little to no pain.  I took Tylenol when I first got home.  I did not  have to take any pain meds thereafter.  Chewing was a bit tender for a day or two; but, after that, I ate whatever I wanted, including the dreaded popcorn.

~Donna F, St. Charles, MO