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Convenient Cosmetic Dentistry in New Town


Experienced, Caring Dental Staff

Cosmetic dentistry covers many dental procedures designed to improve the overall appearance, and health of your teeth. Dr. Greg McPherson, DDS, and his caring staff are conveniently located in New Town St. Charles, MO, serving the St. Louis metropolitan area, and nearby counties in Missouri and Illinois. Our experienced dentist and staff are devoted to assisting patients in achieving lasting solutions to hygienic and cosmetic dental issues where applicable.

Get Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry in St. Charles

Patient-Focused Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Care

As an experienced dentist, Dr. Greg McPherson, DDS, (fully accredited from the Las Vegas Institute, with over eight years of practice) and his staff work with patients to determine solutions to cosmetic issues, oral hygiene issues, neuromuscular and alignment problems, and other dental problems. Dr. McPherson focused on building ongoing, caring relationships with patients in rural Montana; he now delivers exceptional care and cosmetic dentistry for patients in New Town St. Charles. We provide convenient, non-surgical solutions to many dental common problems.

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Phone: (636) 493-1960

Get affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures that you, as the patient, are comfortable with, including many solutions to cosmetic dental problems such as:

  • Teeth cleaning and whitening procedures with ongoing hygiene; in-office whitening procedures are completed in a short visit
  • Crowns and fillings – cosmetic applications and for dental health; can prevent or delay more permanent issues including the need for root canals
  • Veneers –a variety applications designed for restorative reasons; porcelain veneers that are placed over teeth; inlays and onlays are other common protective and cosmetic
  • Traditional dental products - partial bridges, implants, dentures

We welcome anyone from the metropolitan area, and outlying counties throughout Missouri and Illinois, for a visit and exam.

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Please Call Us for a Dental Exam: (636) 493-1960