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Painless Dentistry in St. Charles and St. Louis


Waterlase® Dentistry in St. Charles County

Painless dentistry is now available direct from your New Town St. Charles dentist, Dr. Greg McPherson, DDS. With the advent of combined laser and water spray technologies over the last decade, many standard dental procedures including work on teeth, gums, fillings, and other dental procedures are now more accurate and less painful (or not painful at all).

Dr. Greg McPherson, located in New Town St. Charles, serves patients from all over the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Advanced Painless Dentistry Techniques Are Now Available for Adults and Children in St. Charles – Contact Dr. Greg McPherson’s Office Today!

Call Dr. McPherson’s Office at (636) 493-1960

Clinical Benefits of Painless Dentistry Techniques

We offer a variety of dental procedures and modern techniques (learn answers to frequently asked questions). Some of the advantages and clinical benefits of Waterlase® painless dentistry techniques from Biolase Technology techniques include:

  • Virtual if not all elimination of heat, vibration, and pressure associated with traditional techniques of drilling that cause considerable pain to most patients
  • Fewer visits to the dentist, many procedures can now be performed in one visit
  • Elimination or reduction of the need for painful shots, general anesthetics or nitrous oxide – all of which can pose problems, particularly for patients with complicated, chronic or multiple health issues
  • Reduce anxiety in patients as our painless dentistry techniques are a technological leap over traditional drilling techniques that are usually quiet painful for most patients
  • Reduction in the likelihood of hairline fractures in the teeth or jaw that was always a potential risk with tradition dental drills.
  • Waterlase®procedures are shown to increase accuracy and even bonding strength in dental fillings and restorative techniques
  • Increased precision with the use of a laser and gentle water spray –reduce or eliminate dental enamel decay, precision work on teeth and gums without affecting surrounding tissue or teeth
  • Reduce bleeding from the gums and soft tissue, reduce gum swelling, reduce trauma – and generally, no numb and swollen lips!
  • Versatility – Waterlase® is extremely versatile allowing dentists greater precision in preparing patients for more involved procedures including tooth decay removal, soft and hard tissue procedures and cavity preparations.

Review Our Dental Services for Adults and Children in New Town St. Charles

Advanced Cosmetic and Surgical Therapies

Advanced techniques, and applications of Waterlase® for painless dentistry, include a wide range of cosmetic procedures, laser periodontal therapies (removal of diseased tissue or inflamed, and bacterial-infected tissue, surgical procedures on bone including grafting and resection procedures, osteoplasty, sulcular debridement, etc.).

We also offer many standard dental services as well – we are a full-service, family practice.

Try Painless Dentistry Techniques – Contact Dr. Greg McPherson, DDS

Call Dr. McPherson at (636) 493-1960