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Resouces - Articles on Dental Health, Procedures and Oral Hygiene


Children Airway Issues - sleep apnea, snoring and worse medical issues are common in children with airway obstruction and dental issues; bring your child in for an evaluation

Children's Dentist - bring your child in for regular checkups starting at 2-3 years old; we make our office environment kid-friendly with TVs, cartoons, the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon

Cosmetic Dentistry - information about cosmetic dentistry including in-office whitening, porcelain veneers, caps, crowns and other procedures

Mercury Based Fillings- Dr. McPherson replaces older dental fillings, amalgams, and mercury based fillings with non-toxic, safe alternatives; setup and appointment for dental exams and dental fillings

O'Fallon Dentist - family dentist Dr. Greg McPherson, DDS, is your family dentist in New Town St. Charles serving patients in O'Fallon, Lake St. Louis, Wentzville, St. Peters, St. Charles and the St. Louis metropolitan area

Painless Dentistry - we use a variety of new techniques including Waterlase system for many procedures; the drill is no longer required for many procedures; and our new techniques allow us to prep teeth, gums and soft tissue with as little pain as possible - avoid sedation dentistry whenever possible

Root Canal - Dr. McPherson performs root canals, replaces old fillings (commonly the cause of decay), overlays, inlays and other procedures to fix this very common and painful problem

St. Charles Dentist - learn more about your local, New Town Saint Charles, Missouri, dentist, Dr. Greg McPherson, DDS, his serivces and general information about dental practices and services

St. Peters Dentist - information on dental services available for residents of St. Peters, St. Charles County and surrounding counties - services available at your New Town St. Charles Dentist Office of Dr. Greg McPherson, DDS

Teeth Whitening - a variety of techniques and brushing advice along with cleaning to help you maintain, healthy, white teeth for an attractive, self-confident smile - contact us for more information about specific procedures

Veneers - for cosmetic purposes or as a replacement for bad or old fillings, veneers can improve self-confidence and also elimante some oral health issues associated with older dental fillings - get dental restoration or cosmetic procedures done in St. Charles, MO